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Please remember that B means H and Bb means B in some countries. B and Bb is used here.


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Grab your ukulele, guitar, or any other instrument you want, and get ready to improve your chord-changing skills. Changing chords is one of the most important skills to master in order to create your own songs or to play covers of other great compositions.

Hi! I'm Tamás, and I've played piano for more than 30 years; ukulele and bass for about a decade. I am not a professional, but I have taught several people these instruments. I know that changing chords quickly and efficiently is the basis of playing any song well, and it needs a lot of practice. It involves knowing chord fingerings, and being able to change between them in tempo.

Chordtime is a little app I've created to help you practice changing chords in tempo. The app conains a special metronome that generates a "random next chord" two beats before the chord changes so you will have a few moments to set your fingers on the next chord. The tempo can be adjusted to match your own skill level. Just follow the chords and play with metronome.

Beginners would set the tempo low (70-80 beats per minute), set 4 beats per measure, and pick only a few chords. Intermediate players should set the a tempo a bit higher and select more chords. Advanced players can set an insane speed with lots of chords. Feel free to experiment and have fun! More chords will be added later. All feedback is appreciated. And please share!